Community Service Quotes

How To Use Community Service Quotes To Motivate Youth

Community Service Quotes

Community Service Quotes

“Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light.” This is only one of the many community service quotes that can be found online. These are helpful in motivating youth to join community service.

Community service is often associated with punishment. It’s true that community service is sometimes given as punishment on misdemeanor crimes. These are crimes that are considered less serious than felony. Some crimes considered as misdemeanors are vandalism, reckless driving and shoplifting. The law varies on each state that’s why a crime may be considered as misdemeanor to one state but not on another. Punishment also varies. Well known people like celebrities usually do community service as punishment for committing misdemeanor.

This is because it will be more beneficial for them to do this than pay fine or go to jail. If other people see these celebrities do community service, this can motivate them to do the same. However, community service is not only done because of punishment. There are people who do this whole heartedly. There are different reasons why people volunteer to do community service like they feel sympathy for less fortunate people, they want to do something valuable on their spare time, they want to experience new things and meet new people or they want to serve their community.

The youth must join community service because this can help them grow into good citizens who care for their environment, people and country. This is a good way to develop their social skills and learn values that will shape them into better individuals. Invite them to join community service by starting from those you know. Since youth love quotes, you may send them community service quotes through text, e-mail or by posting on their personal sites. You may also invite them on a meeting and discuss about what to expect if they join community service. To prevent the discussion from being boring, prepare some community service quotes and let them share their insights about it.

Community service quotes are free. You just have to search for these on the Internet to copy and print.

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